Optical Sensing Systems For Structural Health Monitoring

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MOS is shortlisted in the category *Product and Innovation Award* in the Ground Engineering Awards 2016 for our works at Crossrail's Farringdon Station

Case Studies

Dynamic Monitoring of Concrete Structures for Structural Health

MOS sensor cables are embdedded into a post tensioned concrete beam to understand the structural health of post-tensioned structures.
(PDF - MOS Case Study - Dynamic Monitoring of Structures)

Monitoring of Sprayed Concrete Tunnel Linings

MOS sensor cables were directly embedded into the concrete lining of a tunnel to monitor its structural health.
(PDF - MOS Case Study - Sprayed Concrete Tunnel Linings)

Road Pavement Monitoring for Subsidence Phenomena

MOS Sensor cables were embedded into the shoulder of a major highway to monitor for changes in strain induced by longwall mine subsidence.
(PDF - MOS Case Study - Road Pavement)

Concrete Retaining Wall Monitoring

FBG sensors were embedded into a concrete retaining wall to monitor its performance.
(PDF - MOS Case Study - Concrete Retaining Wall)

Monitoring of Airport Runways

MOS sensor cables were embedded into airport runways as part of a test done by the FAA.
(PDF - MOS Case Study - Airport Pavements)

Suspension Bridge Monitoring to Detect Failures

MOS attached FBG sensors to the suspension rods of a bridge to monitor for vehicles that exceeded the bridge's load capacity.
(PDF - MOS Case Study - Suspension Bridge)

Monitoring of Cultural Heritage Buildings

FBG sensors were attached to various elements of a Cathedral in Como to monitor for movements and strains.
(PDF - MOS Case Study - Como Cathedral)

Monitoring of Sprayed Concrete Structures

MOS sensor cables were directly embedded into sprayed concrete as part of a test with the University of Cambridge to verify that the MOS sensor cable could handle the harsh sprayed concrete process.
(PDF - MOS Case Study - Sprayed Concrete Structures Monitoring)
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