Optical Sensing Systems For Structural Health Monitoring

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MOS is shortlisted in the category *Product and Innovation Award* in the Ground Engineering Awards 2016 for our works at Crossrail's Farringdon Station

Experience and Company Overview

Monitor Optics Systems (MOS) has provided structural health monitoring solutions to customers in Australia, Europe and the United States since 2004. Our specialty is in the integration of leading-edge technolgy with industry standard components and systems, targeting solutions where traditional technology is not able to fulfil customer needs. The application of fibre optic sensors is core to our solutions.

MOS delivers high quality solutions that are simple to install and operate, resulting in low whole life costs, and actively promote the education of our customers in the use of monitoring technology. Our 360-degree service to clients covers monitoring requirement analysis, solution design, custom sensor development, solution implementation including installation, results transporting, data presentation, status reporting and alerting, solution review, refinement and on-going support.

MOS believes in the validity of long-term structural monitoring as an answer to the requirements of a sustainable, more cost-effective approach to the management of civil structural assets. The ageing and degrading of a large part of existing structures together with the ever-increasing utilisation and the increasing effects on the local communities of off-service times are making the development of maintenance and repair plans more and more difficult. At the same time, the increase of maintenance and survey costs is making the same plans more and more expensive.

The effect on the public opinion of a number of catastrophic structural failures in the near past also means that new catastrophes and extreme environmental impacts are to be avoided at all cost. Long term structural health monitoring is a cost-effective solution to the problem of developing proper maintenance and repair policies while keeping the associated costs at a minimum for the structural asset owners and guaranteeing the maximum safety for the structural assets end users. To find out more about how Monitor Optics Systems can help with your monitoring requirements please contact us.

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