Optical Sensing Systems For Structural Health Monitoring

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MOS is shortlisted in the category *Product and Innovation Award* in the Ground Engineering Awards 2016 for our works at Crossrail's Farringdon Station

FBG Retaining Wall and Embankment Monitoring Applications

FBGs have been used to monitor for slope stability monitoring, with the embedment of FBGs into a retaining wall, and the embedment of FBGs into embankment slopes to monitor for movements. Each case has been successfully demonstrated by the following case studies.

Retaining Wall Monitoring

MOS embedded FBG sensors within a concrete retaining wall to monitor its performance. Seven sensors were attached to the tensioning wires of the retaining wall frame and then the concrete was poured into the frame. The sensor's pigtails were channelled outside of the retaining wall and terminated in a junction box where they could connect to an optical interrogator for monitoring.
For more information on this application, see this case study or contact us.

Embankment Monitoring

MOS grouted their GFRC Sensor Cables into an inclinometer tube and installed it into an embankment to monitor for instabilities as part of a Network Rail monitoring pilot. Two different casing sizes were used with two different grout mixes, and slope movements were induced to test the sensor's capability to monitor for movements. Each tube successfully detected the slope movements.
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